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Yanez Film is a young indipendent movie production company, working on documentaries, shorts, feature films, web and tv commercials. It was founded by Antonio Tozzi in 2013, who is interested in producing debut feature movies, creative documentaries and new format series.
He produced “Rome, Naples, Venice… in a Rossini crescendo”, by Lina Wertmuller, coproduced by Eutelsat and Rai Strategie Tecnologiche, presented at the 50th Pesaro Film Festival, and several web and TV commercials. In 2015 Yanez Film was Italian Executive Production for Second Twenty, directed by Park Heung-sik, a South Korean Production by Min Film.

Projects in development
Mr. Zhang: by John Snellinberg, with 8 Production; Script Development Contribution from MiBACT, selected for Focus Asia – Genre Project Market, 2017
The Director of Funerals: TV series, by A. Albanese, C. Loforti, S. Misuraca, selected for Series Lab Hamburg 2017
Abbe’s Number: feature, by A. Costa, with 8 Production
Mother: short, by A. Costa, Production Contribution from MiBACT and Apulia Film Fund.




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